dal 1760

di Marcucci M. Paola & C.

Via Nazionale n°1782

55100 Ponte a Moriano, Lucca

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On the road that runs from Lucca to Abetone, you can find the Restaurant "Erasmo", which has represented an exellent restoration point for more than 200 years for the most demanding people.


Since 1760 the restaurant has always been managed by the Marcucci family. It is open every day at lunch and dinner time, except on Monday and Tuesday evening.


The restaurant offers typical Tuscan food with genuine tastes and local dishes, enriched with fresh and seasonal products.


Coming from Florence or Viareggio, leave the motorway to Lucca and take the Via Del Brennero to Bagni di Lucca/Barga/Castelnuovo Garfagnana/Abetone.

Cover 9Km from Lucca and pass the centre of Ponte a Moriano, keeping the river Serchio on the left, 500m far from the village, on the right, you'll find the restaurant.


Leaving the restaurant you can visit some interesting places in no more than 15 minutes:

8km Lucca - town centre

5km Marlia - a built up itinerary to visit the Ville Lucchesi: Villa Grabau, Villa Reale di Marlia etc.

6km - Monastero dell'Angelo, at Tramonte, built by Lorenzo Nottolini, the famous architect born in Lucca, where you can admire the plain of Lucca.

12km - Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge), over the river Serchio, at Borgo a Mozzano.



The restaurant dates back to 1760, when the Marcucci family received the wayfarers who set out for Modena and the merchants coming from Garfagnana to Lucca. At that time Erasmo Marcucci served snacks and fried fish freshly fished in the river Serchio. He offered accomodation and change of horses too, as the Hotel Keepers' Register of the Dukedom of Lucca shows in the display cabinet situated in the hall of the restaurant. In the same display cabinet other old documents testify this family tradition.


Over the centuries the Marcucci family, from father to son, has always run the restaurant, up to now. Today, they offer cosy rooms furnished with typical fireplaces, a wide stateroom, and, in summertime, a fresh garden surrounded by ancient plane-trees, where their guests can appreciate extraordinary typical dishes.



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    The origins of the restaurant go back to 1760, when it welcomed wayfarers on their way to Modena and merchants from Garfagnana on their way to Lucca.

    During that period, as is certified in the Register of Hotels of the Dukedom of Lucca, Erasmo Marcucci served snacks and freshly fried fish from the Serchio River, offering accommodation and horse exchange. Other antique documents are also proof of this family tradition, which has been handed down from generation to generation for almost 250 years, alternating the names of Erasmo and Lorenzo.


     Extensive space would be required to tell the many anecdotes of the restaurant that represented an obligatory stopping point for lovers of good cooking for almost two and a half centuries. We will limit ourselves to the memories of Giorgio Casali, an expert of Lucca’s history and customs. While Casali was sitting at a table with his friends Augusto Mancini and Giuseppe Pera, he spoke about when his parents had got married in 1879 and went to Ponte a Moriano by the steam tramway for their wedding dinner, after having heartily eaten at “the already famous Erasmo’s” they returned home on foot walking along the banks of the river to facilitate digestion. A honeymoon of another age! The weller-off , like Pascoli who was said to have stopped to eat on his way to Castelvecchio, came to Erasmo’s by gig. At that time the restaurant wasn’t called “Erasmo” but “Trattoria La Presa dell’acqua” (The Water Intake Restaurant), because it was near the public water intake pipe, and people from every social class patronized it, as well as famous people.


    In fact in Professor Rovai’s book about the History of Istituto Tecnico Francesco Carrara, it is written that in 1898, during the first years of the school, “the teachers’ salary was distributed annually by the cashier during the convivial meeting at Erasmo’s. In this way, with a dinner and an envelope containing a few hundred lira, the fatigues of an entire year were paid.”


    After the end of the last war, the restaurant re-opened with a novelty: a dance floor. In the front garden, another Erasmo, father of the present managers, set up a dance floor which was to become a fixed Sunday appointment for the Lucchesi. In the meantime, the restaurant took on it’s actual name and started being known and appreciated outside of Lucca thanks to Grandma Argenta’s simple and genuine flavoured recipes, which daughter-in-law Eria will re-propose and enrichen.


    In a reserved dining room, Arrigo Benedetti gathered famous names belonging to the arts, cultures and journalism such as Pannunzio, Scalfari, Tobino and others. Once Grandma Argenta complained because a painter, Lorenzo Viani, unknown to most people at the time, had made strange designs on the back of a plate after dinner and she had to rub a lot to get them off…. If only we had them now!


    In the same room, thanks to Bruno Vangelisti, we can find figures from the cinema and theatre like Mario Soldati, who came with De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida; Marcello Mastroianni, who brought his friends Paolo Panelli and Bice Valori; Mario Monicelli and other celebrities all of which left their signatures in the album or signed the red bricks that cover the walls.


    Leafing through the album one can notice the autographs of many sportsmen, in particular bicycle champions like Moser, Bartoli, Cunego, Petacchi, Sorensen and others. Many other visitors also wanted to leave behind a nice remembrance, an example is a clear minded woman of almost 100 that in 1989 remembered having eaten at Erasmo’s in the previous century, 90 years before!


    Through centuries the Marcucci family has always run the restaurant passing it down from father to son until the present day. It still offers its clients comfortable dining rooms, a ceremony hall and a large garden where they can taste the typical plates of Lucca’s cuisine all year round – in winter, in front of the fire of the fireplaces and in summer, in the shade of the secular plane trees which, as you have come to know, are really secular.

The restaurant serves Tuscan cuisine made ​​of simple and authentic flavors, with typical dishes of Lucca related to the freshness and seasonality of products. Grandmother-Argenta's dishes that daughter-in-law Eria was able to revive and enrich and pass on to daughter Paola.


We want to remember farro and cold cuts of the Garfagnana, homemade tortelli and pasta, farinata with vegetables, chicken under a brick, trout and little trout of Serchio, the delicious fried chicken, lamb, vegetables and, in the right season, grilled, fried, in pan or raw in salads mushrooms.


The dishes come with extra virgin olive oil of our land, with unique flavor and aroma, and local wines of Lucca hills and Montecarlo that have traditions dating from the time of the Etruscans.

Since 2009, the restaurant is part of Historical Places of Italy among which is ranked among the most "family" being run by the same family for seven generations.

In May 2011 he received an special award from Ascom Lucca dedicated to 150 years in Italian's Unit for the presence of the restaurant in the area long before the Unification.

Since June 2011 the restaurant was entered in the Register of Historical Italian Companies of Unioncamere presented at the 133rd Meeting of the Directors of Chambers of Commerce of Italy, where he was awarded from 150 Companies hundred years old that with their business merits have contributed to the construction of the Italian economic system. The ceremony took place on 8 June 2011 in Rome, in the amazing setting of Palazzo Colonna, with the presence of the Minister of Economic Development Paolo Romani, the Minister for Public Administration and Innovation Renato Brunetta and, among others, the entrepreneur Giovanna Ferragamo, the journalist Dario Di Vico, the journalist Maria Concetta Mattei RAI2 who presented the event, and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, who awarded the owners Lorenzo and Paola Marcucci.

di Marcucci M. Paola & C.

Via Nazionale n°1782

55100 Ponte a Moriano, Lucca

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